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Baitcast Fishing Reels

Superior Accuracy & Control

Baitcasters can provide an enhanced degree of control over a spinning reel when casting. More control leads to more accurate casts. When you cast a baitcasting reel, the spool spins to release the line for the cast. By using your thumb to control the speed of the spool, combined with today’s advanced cast control systems, having your lure drop at a specific point, is made easier. When casting a spinning reel, line comes off the spool, but the spool remains stationary. The only time the spool on a spinning reel spins is when a fish is pulling out line against your drag. You can use your fingers to control the line going out when casting a spinning reel, but it’s not as direct or easily accomplished as it is when casting a baitcaster.

Easily Adjustable Drag Systems

Rod and line type aside, the distance of your cast with a baitcasting reel is dependent on how much force you use to propel the lure, the weight of the lure, and your cast control settings. One major advantage found when using baitcasting reels is added control to put the lure just where you see fit. Another advantage is found in a baitcasting reel’s drag system. The drag on a baitcasting reel is controlled by a knob, usually in the shape of a star, located just behind the reel’s handle. On a spinning reel, you must remove one of your hands, usually the one on the reel’s handle, reach to the top of your reel’s spool, and turn the drag control dial in one direction or the other, to either increase or decrease, the drag pressure. With a baitcaster, you never have to take your hand off the reel. You can maintain your grip on the reel’s handle and adjust the drag at the same time. In addition, line coming off the spool when fighting a fish with a baitcasting reel is coming directly off the spool. Line coming off your spool when fighting a fish with a spinning reel must take a 90 degree turn over the roller on spinning reel’s bail wire. Line going out over the roller under pressure can be a cause for losing fish if the spinning reel’s roller isn’t functioning properly, or otherwise compromises your line.

An Advanced Fishing Reel That’s Worth the Effort

Getting the casting technique just right with a baitcaster can take practice, but is well worth it. Fortunately, technological advancements in cast control systems help to reduce the learning curve and prevent as many backlashes from occurring as you may hear other fisherman complain about. Shop our online store for brand name bait cast reel brands like Shimano, Lew’s, Quantum, Diawa and more. We have an extensive selection of reels in our inventory that doesn’t disappoint.

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