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Spreader Bar Rigging & More

Do you like to expand your fishing experience? If you're the type of angler who enjoys snubber fishing, spreader bar fishing, or simply trying new things then our snubbers and spreaders selection will suit you well. Whether you are rubber snubber fishing or in need of a spreader bar for fishing new terrain, you will find what you're looking for within the excellent variety that Live to Fish has to offer. Don't hesitate, begin shopping today and expand your fishing experiences!

It doesn't matter if you're fishing snubber style or looking for spreader bars for rigging, we've got something for you. While browsing our inventory, remember that all orders of $25 or more receive free shipping from Live to Fish and if you have any questions, simply give us a call at 1-844-9-FISHIN or drop us a line at contactus@livetofish.com to speak with our customer service team.