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Old Salty 1 Planer, 1 Old Salty 1 Planer
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Old Salty 2 Planer, 2 Old Salty 2 Planer
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Cannon Pinch-R-Release Cannon Pinch-R-Release
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Old Salty 3 Planer, 3 Old Salty 3 Planer
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Old Salty 4 Planer, 4 Old Salty 4 Planer
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Cannon 2250009 Univ Release, 2250009 Cannon 2250009 Univ Release
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Old Salty 6P Planer, 6P Old Salty 6P Planer
In Stock

For All of Your Downrigging Needs

Looking for products designed specifically for down-rigging? You've come to the right place! At Live to Fish, we carry a wide selection of different accessories and tools for downrigging. Browse through our inventory of downrigger release clips, Dipsy Divers, planer boards, outrigger clips, trolling planers, and more. We're bound to have something that peaks your interest!

Have questions about our selection of downrigging supplies? Drop us a line at contactus@livetofish.com and we'll be happy to help!